The Porto Protocol

The official launch of The Porto Protocol marked the Climate Change Leadership Summit 2018, held in July 2018 with the presence of the 44th US President, Barack Obama.


On his speech, President Barack Obama said that Climate Change is the greatest threat to future generations and it should be address collectively.

That’s the purpose of The Porto Protocol, to raise awareness that climate change is here and that there are things we can do now to make a difference.


A key pillar of the wine industry is climate.  The industry can learn from each other to help solve a problem that impacts everyone and, as a branded agricultural industry, it can help shape consumer awareness that things are being done by this responsible industry to improve the future.



Everyone is invited

A Call to Action

Adrian Bridge, CEO of Taylor’s and The Porto Protocol Leader reinforced “There is no time, and no need, to reinvent things. If we share our successes and experiences, we will all benefit. That is the objective behind the Porto Protocol, which commits its participants to adopt and promote concrete actions, however small, to help reduce the impact of a changing climate. While this important global initiative recognizes that the wine industry is uniquely well placed to take a leadership role in climate change mitigation, the Protocol welcomes the participation of institutions, companies and individuals from all areas of activity.”

Let’s Create A Sustainable Future For Generations To Come.
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